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- Urban bins

Street urban bins, urban bins with ashtrays


It is clean where a urban bin stays rather than where it is cleaned. Perhaps this phrase is the most urgent for most our cities. Indeed, as practice shows, the very existence of urban bins often motivates pedestrians to throw an ice cream wrapper, a cigarette butt, an empty bottle in these ordinary constructions. Currently, manufacturers provide a wide range of products of various materials and forms. Besides standard urban bins there musical and talking, glowing ones and those advertising various goods. But, you see, for most of our cities such items are too extravagant. Sometimes the respective departments do not have enough  money to by the urban bins of ordinary design.


Nevertheless , manufacturers continue to develop new designs of items, ensuring their functionality and aesthetics, reliability and durability. Especially because an attractive and reliable urban bin makes a perfect match to any landscape of a country cottage or suburban area. And there really are a few good options. The variety of items is quite wide. The urban cans made ​​of metal take a special place among them. You should agree, that a concrete bin looks a little too heavy, and cleaning the holding tank is not really convenient. Compared to them, street urban bins look almost weightless, and due to the original design of storage tank cleaning is not difficult. After their design,  urban bins are distinguished by the ones on supports (one, two or more) and the single storage tank installed on land.  


Ashtray urban bins


An ashtray urban bin takes special place in the lineup of street urban bins. This item consists of two separate compartments of the collecting tank. The small upper compartment is designed for cigarette butts and covered with large celled grid. The lower compartment is designed for small urbans (wrappers, bottles, etc.) This is to prevent urbans in the bin from ignition from burning cigarette butts. Such an ashtray urban bin may be made of iron or stainless steel. The last are usually installed near a variety of institutions, as well as indoors. The iron items undergo anti-corrosion procession and painting, that besides the aesthetic effect ensures the great term of operation.

Our goods are manufactured on the most modern equipment, the high-quality raw materials are used in the production.