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The factory was founded at September 25, 1929 on the basis of the "SoyuzGlavMuka" workshops with the volume of production in the 20-30 thousand rubles ..

In 1936, the plant was named "GlavMuka" and essentially remained a mill - elevator equipment repairing workshop.

In 1944, when Dnepropetrovsk was liberated and the almost completely destroyed factory was restored, the name "Melmashstroy" was given to it.

In 1951 the plant tripled its output.

In 1955 a new name was given to the plant - the food engineering plant ( PRODMASH ), which has been the plant`s name till now.

In Soviet times, the plant provided agricultural enterprises on the territory of the former USSR with equipment and sieves.

After the change of its owner in 2003 the plant reached a new level of development: the equipment stock was enlarged and modernized, new equipment was purchased, the range of products was increased.

Today Dnepropetrovsk plant " Prodmash " is a modern industrial enterprise with the area of 3.5 hectares, high production potential, and qualified personnel.

The company consists of three shops:

Pressshop - a unique production equipped with AIDA ( Japan) and SHULLER ( Germany) presses.

Toolshop provides perforation workshop with tools and manufactures dies and molds of any complexity.

Machining shop produces equipment for mills and elevators, outdoor furniture.